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It seems the transition from late summer into fall has everyone and everything in either a state of panic or a mad frenzy.

Wall street hawkers screaming out buy and sell orders in a frenzy, hoping to leverage some undervalued company’s holdings in order to make a killing. All the while CEOs and financial managers shuffle through end of year P & L reports, and account  receivable spreadsheets. Trying to glean the last morsels  of profit for their shareholders; in hopes it will improve their personal end of year bonuses.

Less than a month into the football season, wild eyed fans are already  extrapolating a 3-0 record into an undefeated season with its culmination, the winning of the Superbowl. On Sport Fan radio stations across the country,  panicked citizens are lighting up switch boards calling for the coaches head; certain that their 0-3 start guaranties them a 2-14 season if something isn’t done quick.

The trees are beginning to look worn and tired with bits of the late summers bloom, now bearing fruit, as squirrels jump from limb to limb. Cheek pouches full, it’s an all out panic to put on that last ounce of fat, the difference between life and death as winter marches closer. Under the tree, heads pointing to the sky, my dogs bark incessantly waiting for the perfect mistake by the bushy tailed rodent. Then with a leap and a chatter of squawks, the hoarse frantic yelps of the two assailants scramble as they chase through the under brush to the next tree. The barking continues only this time at an elevated pitch.

Packing on the ounces.

The neighbors have been taken over as well. Gardens fading, they eye the remains of the late summer tomatoes, not quite ready for harvest, as the first frost draws closer and closer. Thirty inch long clubs of zuchini litter our backyard, grossing out at 68 pounds. The time for harvesting well past due.

So when I showed up at the house mid morning to get some paper work, I heard it in her voice too.

“Honey is that you?”

“Yeah, I had to get something for work.”

“Are you going to stay home?’

It sounded unsure, like this might not fit into her plans.

“No, I need to get going.”

On the counter, her Vitamix had some kind of green swirled paste matted to the sides, I didn’t really want to know.

“So Honey, what do you think of a Zucchini Lime Sorbet?”

Yup, that definitely had the sound of panic in it.

Talk to you later.


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