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She’s gone?

She’s gone!

She’s gone.

The words echoed from the walls with painful clarity and finality.  Like the words from a song they bring forth different memories for each of us. The emotions follow suit; unpreparedness, disbelief,  followed by a mournful  acceptance. Last week I saw her for the last time, and as I stammered and stumbled for the correct words to say I came to the realization that there were only three; I love you. Her thin smile assured me that she understood why I was there, saving me from the anguish of trying to explain. I can still see her eyes, as she looked into mine, tired but steadfast; prepared for the inevitable journey each of us must take.

Last night with her three children, and her husband, my brother by her bed side she completed this leg of her journey, confident that her path ahead is illuminated by G-d’s presence, secured by his promise, her reward for the good life she lived.



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