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This morning I looked at the calendar and winced; March 26th, a month has flashed by in a blink of the eye, and I haven’t “penned” a single word on my blog. Emails at work abound, some worthy of an Art Buchwald recognition award, if there were such a thing especially in the email category. I’ve posted a few comments here and there on other peoples blogs but even those have slowed. Today? Yeah we’ll see.

Spring approaches easing itself out of a seemingly long slumber, sadly it’s at a rate much slower than my liking. The crocus have bloomed, receiving their expected assault from a late dusting of snow, retreating a bit haggard, but not defeated. Behaving as a scout might in search of smoke on the horizon, I find my self scanning last years spent foliage for the signs. Small green eruptions  emerging  from the still cold soil, timidly check the air to see if it’s safe to venture forward. Soon there will be blooms pronouncing that it’s spring, and taking part in the celebration… bees.

Yup,  this year I have it bad. All last year my quaint little hive sat waiting, poor timing and hesitation prevented me from getting a hive established. It is a sad commentary when a beekeeper, even an amateur beekeeper…  okay someone like me, who would like to have bees, needs to travel to someone else’s hive just to get stung. What’s even worse; of the four stings I got last year, one of those was from a damn bumblebee.

Improving the odds.

So this year I’m improving the odds; placing my chips on black, red, odd and even, I purchased a three pound package of bees, and… another hive just in case. I can hear the familiar rattle of the white marble as it bounces from pocket to pocket before settling into the payoff slot. I figure in about a month or so with 10,000 bees arriving from Grand Junction things will be looking much more promising. Aaahh yes, the warm sensation of being stung by your own bees, I can hardly wait.

Yes sir, this April will certainly be a busy month, my wifes birthday on the 10th, followed by my mine on the 18th, then Passover, then there’s my daughters wedding on the 24th, and the arrival of 10,ooo bees.

I hope they don’t show up on the day of the wedding, I sure would hate to miss it!

Talk to you later.


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