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I’m not dead! Just busy!

Hey guys, I’m sorry that I have not posted as of late. Work has been pretty hectic, but that’s not all. I’ve been working on writing a novel. Yeah right! Me and the rest of the bloggers out there. But it’s the truth, I know nothing about writing in this format. Hell 800 words on a post was a pretty good evenings work for me. None the less I’m going to try it, and actually I’m enjoying it. Which means I won’t be putting the time on the blog that I used to. Maybe I can keep it to a quick post on the weekends when I can.

The first line of the book started like this, of course it’s changed a bit since then. I’ll continue to write and who knows, some day maybe….

It made perfectly good sense at the time. With his brain clouded by an evening of Budweiser, common sense and self preservation had abanboned him once again. Standing to brush the gravel from his torn jeans, John Martin Kelly made a casual survey of his body parts. Charles Bronson made leaping from a truck at 20 miles per hour look easy. It wasn’t. 


Talk to you later.


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