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Last night I felt the need to share some of the sights, thoughts, and observations that find their way into my life. J., our oldest of the trio stopped by for pizza, and beer and we watched 3 episodes of the Sapronoes, the we being his mother and I. Don’t really know what came over me (the 3 bottles of beer?) but, I asked him to help me set up a blog and this is the result, not sure where this is going to go, but we’ll see. 

I’m staring 49 years in the face, and it seems kind of strange to be setting up an on line  journal. I think the more technology advances the less time we have to spend in contact with family and friends, maybe this blogging is a substitute for the sit down family dinner. Enough of the philosophical editorializing crap, I’m starting to sound like one of my daughters, T. the writer.

Now that I’ve started, what am I going to write about? The title “I know this little road.” was picked to suggest a sharing of the times I spend discovering that perfect little road to explore on my Victory motorcycle. That was the original intent, however I’ve picked a bad time of the year to start a blog that memorializes the adventures of a motorcyclist on the back roads of Colorado in the middle of the winter. Timing is everything!! 

Add that to my life list of insights and observations:  1.Timing

This is going to be a long list. 

Superbowl weekend is this weekend, you know I just can’t get too excited about that. It seems like we are more interested in what the halftime commercials are going to be like. When did that happen! I’m just as guilty as the rest of you ad watchers, and what’s even more frightening is the money that is layed out for these adds, yet when it’s all over I honestly couldn’t tell you what product the ad was promoting , only that it made me laugh. We live in desperate times.

I think I’ll pull over to the shoulder for now, talk to you later.


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